Donwload BBM for Android

Good time for you that using android phone. Now you can install Blackberry Messenger on phone. If you wanna try it, click link below.

Download BBM for Android

With this app you can make a chat and make a group. All that you need is just enter your Blackberry Id. But there is a problem for this app. This is the beta version. Not all Blackberry Id that allowed to use this app. So just try it and enjoy your lucky by download Blackberry Messenger For Android for free.



  1. Wow this is wonderful thing. Unfortunatenly I do not yet have Androind Phone, sot that I can not download this application. I hope Mr. Putra want to give me Android Phone. I will feel happy :D

  2. Wahaa. I would to say sorry about that :D

  3. It's no problem because if I have much money in the future, I will buy Adroid alone hehehehehe :D :P

  4. Hi Mas Putra, ini request nya :D

    mudah-mudahan bisa membantu untuk meningkatkan rankng alexa blog anda. good luck ya :)


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