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Halo my friends ! This time Blogputra wanna talk about hotel. Anybody have no experience to booked hotel ? I guest no. Almost all of us ever even once get sleep at hotel. A view years ago, 2 years I think, I was visited Jakarta in Indonesia. That was my first time to came into the capital of Indonesia, my country. As you know that Indonesia is consist of many islands. And I live at different island with Jakarta. It takes about 5 hours from my house by using plane to get into Jakarta. But, I don't want to tell about my visit.

Just like I said at first, I will tell about the hotel. In my visit to Jakarta, I rented hotel (I forget about the name) that very beautiful, elegant, and so comfort with high class service. But the most things that made me so impressed is their stuffs and furniture.
It takes my mind to thinking. How can they as the owner and developer hotel bought all those cool stuffs and furniture and made it very match with their hotel concept. I think I will become sick just about thinking how to provide that.

But, this I want to tell you the secret. They are (as developer) using Hotel Supply Online to help them to supply great stuffs and to make match with their hotel concept. So the developer just order it by internet, and then the stuffs will come directly into their hotel. This way also applied by Hotel Bar Suppliers.

One of that  hotel developer who using hotel supply online is Atlanta Hotel Supply. Now you know that making a good hotel with perfect stuffs and furniture is just easy like buying something in internet, right.



  1. Whatever can be obtained easily through online shopping. Buyers should be careful, get the best quality goods, branded, competitive price and fast delivery.

  2. To : Herdoni Wahyono
    Indeed. Thanks for words :)

  3. Everything nowadays could be ordered online. But you have to careful while choosing things like furniture and should always buy from authentic places.


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