The Algadon, Free Online RPG

Welcome back my friends. How are you today ? Hope you always fine. Do you know about this game ? The Algadon. This is a free online RPG game. This is a game which set in the medieval land of Algadon.

You will explore the land, perform quests, battle monsters and other ferocious beasts, fight other players, place a bounty on another player, and attempt elite missions. As a dragon, orc, elf, dwarf, mage, mystic warrior, elemental forest princess, archer, sorcerer, sorceress, assassin, barbarian, realm defender, knight, or merchant, you can buy weapons, armor, food, and potions to help in advancing levels, training to become stronger, and performing quests.

Players can also join a clan with friends all over the world, send private messages to one another, or post public messages on another player's profile. So you can connect each other.As you advance through the game, additional quests, weapons, armor, and more become available to you.

This game also available in mobile, iPhone, and android. And also MySpace version, which is a completely different game with different goals and challenges.
This site also have a forum, which talking all about this game. You interest ? Try this. And hope you enjoy.



  1. ah, belum tertarik maen game (lagi)

  2. kerennya untuk para gamers, terima kasih atas sharenya juga fasiLitasi unduhnya.

  3. info yang sangat bagus sekali gan,.,.


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