5 Practical Reasons for Getting Plastic ID Cards for Employees

It’s common for most medium-sized and large businesses to invest in high-quality, plastic ID cards for their employees. Initially, a common practice for large IT and tech companies have now trickled down and is being adopted by even small local businesses. Why are ID cards for employees becoming so popular? These ID cards are more than just corporate fashion accessories as they can help keep offices secure, boost employee morale, and even provide branding opportunities. Custom ID cards for employees also help workers and employees feel connected to the organizations they are working for. Apart from that, they offer an easy way of remembering the names of people who either work for you or with you. If you own a business, the following are 5 practical reasons why your employees need plastic ID cards.

Keeps Your Business Assets Secure: Office ID cards make the job of security staff members a whole lot easier. Cards can not only be used to instantly check the credentials of any employees present in the building but can also grant special access to people working in restricted areas of the building and keep out employees who are not authorized. When working in tandem with access card readers and security cameras, these ID cards can keep several sensitive office areas safe from intrusion without having to place security guards right at the door.

Get Highly Affordable Branding Real Estate: Businesses usually are required to dole out big bucks to get their names on billboards and other branding real estates. ID Cards for employees offer a great branding opportunity and the cost of getting them manufactured is the only expense incurred by the company. The ID card lanyard offers a narrow strip of space, which is perfect for displaying the company name and brand. The company logo and name can also be neatly printed on the front face of the ID card.

Reinforces Client and Customer Confidence: The primary job of front-office employees and company representatives is to look professional in front of clients and customers. A professionally-printed employee ID card not only allows walk-in customers to learn your employees’ names but it also reinforces their confidence. Clients and customers are automatically impressed and thus your employees get an opportunity to bring in more business.

An Easy Way to Track in and out Times: While allowing employees entry into the office, the humble access card reader can read employee details and register the entry and exit timings. This offers a seamless way of tracking employee working hours. All the data collected are stored in a central worksheet file. This allows authorized managers and owners to track employee work-hour details and calculate overtime bonuses.

Helps Everyone Remember Each Others’ Names: There is a reason why corporate trainers make people write their names on makeshift paper nameplates. Calling people by their names is one of the fundamentals of effective communication. While nametags are good for certain service industries, it’s simply not appropriate for an office environment. Office ID cards offer a great alternative. Most ID cards have names along with designation. This helps everyone on the floor read each others’ names off ID cards till they get ingrained in their memories.



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