Auckland Chartered Accountants
Hallo bloggers, do you know about accountants?
Accountant is a profession that help you to manage and count anything about your finance for your successful in life. Why do we need them to help us? Because we can't do count much better than them. They are working for that, they have that knowledge and they are professional on that thing. Of course we have to pay some cost when we rent they services, but paying some cost is more effective to solve your finance problem than when you try to fix it by your self, getting some trial error and may be taking much your worth time. And you have no sure that it can fixed. That's why we need accountants. To solve any problem about our finance with professional by effective and efficient.

There are some areas that the accountant working for.
1. Asset planning (Design about your tax and legal process to suit your circumstances
2. Compliance and taxation (Complete your financial accounts and count tax returns)
3. Professional trustee (Make sure your trust complies and is not deemed a 'sham)
4. Property structures (Make your investors pay less tax and you can make more money in property)
5. Offshore asset planning (Taxation and commercial advice to immigrants, ex-pats and foreign investors regarding NZ)

Where you can find them?
There are many accountants around you. Usually they are making an association as their group to make them easy to track and to make them more powerful by helping each other.
But, I always suggest you the easy way. What else then in internet, right?
In internet you can find easily this accountants. Just type it "auckland chartered accountants" and you will find them as a big association. You can easily contact them to make you sure that they are good on their job.And they will help you and solve your problem as you ask them to.

Finally, I hope your problem about finance will solved soon, and you can make a good life without busy in tax count. Making good time with your family, taking vacation, and enjoying your life. Have a good day.

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  1. Dulu sempat tertarik juga ingin masuk di jurusan akuntansi, tapi karena saya nggak suka itung-itungan, nggak jadi dech hehee ^^

  2. Oya ? jadi jurusan apa yang diambil mbak?

    1. Mau tau aja atau mau tau bangetttt? hehehe :D

      Oh iya sekarang blog saya membuka lapak iklan sendiri mas hehehe Soalnya capek nunggu adsen nggak payout-payout hmmm :)

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  4. Thank you for such an honest and informative post! This is the first time I've stumbled upon your blog, and I am so happy that I did.Travel Oh Travel

  5. Mau bhangheeeeetthh.

    Wahaa !! Sudah ada iklannya !!!! Sippp Mbak ! kalau gitu kan kita bisa nentukan sendiri tarifnya. Tapi just advice nih : Jangan sampai terlalu banyak iklan di blog. Bisa bikin risih pengunjung, trus pengunjung males datang lagi. :)))

  6. Iya mas, lumayan bisa buat beli jajan dan koneksi internet hehe :D Soalnya nunggu adsen cair nya lama banget hmmm :)
    Thanks ya atas saran nya. Nanti jumlah iklan nya akan di kurangi lagi biar nggak terlalu banyak ;)

  7. Kunjungan perdanan gan... salam kenal aja

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