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You know that the company should have to build some electronic system to support them well.
So, does your company have it ? If not yet, you can try this site, PCB assembly services.

Not only about PCB service, this site provides many kind of services that I guarantee that’s all important to your company. Because without electronic system, your company will not work good.

Boudary Scan Testing (JTAG)

Boudary Scan Testing (JTAG) is the method that used to test printed circuit boards and tests for shorts/opens between compliant devices, include ISP, Flash programming, logic/memory clusters and many more.

The advantages :
1. Field of your company become deployable
2. Good coverage of compliant devices in your company
3. Relatively low Non-Recurring Engineering costs for standard tests of your company

PCB Prototyping

Prototyping facility by Foundation Technology is full turnkey, high technology and also fast turn around.

1. Meets the needs of both Design and Production Engineering Teams
2. Stand-alone Service
3. Fast Turn Around Time
4. Hand or Machine Builds
5. Materials Procurement or Build from Free Issue Kit
6. Engineering Consultation - Design for Manufacture and Test Reporting
7. Extensive Testing Capability including: JTAG Boundary Scan, Optical Inspection, X-ray and Flying Probe Test

And there are more services that provided by Foundation Technology. You can know it all by visit their site at You must remember that this service is very important for your company. If you serious with your business, I think you will using their service.
So, enjoy your business. And see you next time.



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