Cotswold Fayre

Halo netter. How are you today ? Are you enjoy your day ? I hope so. This time I want to share about a site that I think its important and interest to know about it.
Ok. For the intro, do you know about gourmet food supplier. I think you know about it although not for far. Yap, this is the source of the foods that spread over the food shops near you.
Do you know ? That we can find this service at internet. Yap, one of the most popular food supplier is Cotswold Fayre. Its located at UK. But they could reach until New Zealand and South Africa.
In this site we can many interesting foods which made by many manufacturers.
I will explain 3 manufacturers which I think very best for you to buy.

1. Ella’s Kitchen
This manufacturer offer much smoothie fruit products, suck us juice and snack. Its good for kids 3 to 7 years of age. Ella’s Kitchen smoothie fruits contain no preservatives, concentrates, additives or water and are pasteurised as part of a specific manufacturing process in order to remain fresh outside the fridge for 12 months.

2. Farmhouse Biscuits
Farmhouse Biscuits offer many kind of biscuit. This manufacturer is the popular food retailer in UK. You can get your best biscuit with best price here.

3. Farrington Oils
Just like their name, this manufacturer made many kind of oils. You can get the popular oils here with best wholesale price.

That’s about the food supplier site. I hope this info useful for you, especially for you who have food shops or for you who want to try food business. Ok. Take care. And see you next time.



  1. useful info for everyone who loves the field of trade, especially food or food stores, this info is rarely found, thanks for sharing information for those who need it like a business and others.

  2. Nice post :D

    tengkyu info2nya keren bang :D

    semoga mau sharing dengan saya :D

    saya tunggu mas putraaaaaa

    salam semangat !


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