Download Best Wordpress Theme Free

Halo blogger! How are you today ? Hope you always fine. Do you have a blog ? What blog ? If you use wordpress, I think its hard to find the great theme by free.
Because you know that there are many site that give you wordpress theme, but its not free. So, how to find the best wordpress theme by free ?
This is the way to find it. Check this out !

1. Search it in search engine.
This is the most simple way to find the wordpress theme for free. Just enter the keyword like "download free wordpress theme", "download best wordpress theme by free", and many more. Its up to you. You will find many site that give you wordpress theme by free.

2. Join the blogger forum.
I never join like blogger forum before, but my friends told me that they can find many many site that give free download wp themes. Because more than one thousand blogger share this site. And also up to date. So you will not miss the news. Like great wp theme, top ten wp theme, and also best wordpress web hosting.

3. Asking to friends.
This is the hardest way to find the free wordpress theme. But, if you don't have a internet service yet, you can choose this way. Its simple, but not guarantee you will find the best answer. Just visit your friends who know much about blog, wordpress especially, and free theme, to tell you about it.

OK, there are the way to find your best wordpress theme by free. You can use other way to find it. But I think you must try my way at there, before you use your own way. Just feel enjoy. And I hope you can find the best theme for your blog and also get free to download it.
So, enjoy it.



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