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Update again !!! Its my time to get free connect. Because one week ago, I have to do an examination. And Alhamdulillah, its done.
OK. Now I will share about something about shop. Its still connect with my post in a month ago. About Shop Wiki. I will explain little info about Shop Wiki. You can read my post first to find more information what is the Shop Wiki.

Shop Wiki is the one of many online shop which provide many things that you can buy it with online (just in front of you computer/ laptop). It accept credit card for payment. Visa, master card, Amex (American Express).

One of the most popular product in Shop Wiki is Shoes. You can read Shoes buying guide to find the guide, tips, fitting and sizzing. So you can easy to choose which one that match with you.

Shop Wiki provide many type of shoes. Now I will tell some of them.
1. Bike Shoes
Its match for you who like an adventures, race, or bike. And you want to look more interest. There are 3 type for bike shoes, casual riding, road shoes, and Mountain Biking/Off-Road Shoes.

2. Golf Shoes
A golf player sure must have a something that can care they foot right. So you can find here with 3 type again, the golf shoes, golf sandals, and golf boot.

3. Running Shoes
Its good for you who like jogging, run, and atletik. Shop Wiki provide 6 running shoes, stability shoes, motion control shoes, cushioned shoes, training shoes, racing shoes, and off-road shoes. So complete right.

4. Mens Sneaker
Match for you the athletic men. there are many type. basket ball, walking, running, hiking, tennis, cross trining, and cleats.

5. Wedding Shoes
Haha. If you want to get married, you must try look this one. Some wedding shoes are sparkling accents, high hills, sling backs, peep-toe pumps, T-strap sandals, barefoot sandals, ballet flats, backyard wedding, roman sandals, and wedges.

Ok. This is my simple post. Hope it can help you if you want to buy online shoes. So Happy shopping.



  1. Nice repiu Bro. Ngga takut dimarahi Si Mbah tuh?

  2. To: Edwin's Personal Blog ,,,
    Haha, jelas takut lah. Tapi kan nggak ada bisnis yang tidak beresiko.:f:

    To: sakthi ,,,
    Thank you. :j:

  3. kunjungan perdana
    salam hangat selalu

  4. numpang promosi bro, sukses selalu :D

  5. Mas Putra, aq ada award buat Mas Putra. Kalo berkenan diambil ya ewodnya :-)

  6. hai.. link kamu sudah kupasang di blogku.. link balik ya... thanks =D

  7. Sore Bro, koq sepi? Ditunggu info barunya lho ya... ^_^
    Semoga sehat selalu...


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