Sunday, September 22, 2013

How to Recover Suspended Twitter Account

In previous post “My Account Suspended, What Should I do ?” I wrote that I can’t recover my suspended account for the third time. But now I want to tell you that it was wrong. My account has been recovered. How ? I’ll tell you.

If you got suspended, like this.

You have to go to help page and send a ticket. Then, check your email. They must be sent you an email like this.

All that you need is just reply this email. You can see mine, right ? I was using bad grammar for them. But it doesn’t matter, because may be they only need a kind of validation about you. Make sure that you are the owner of suspended account. So just reply it. After that, just wait. It may be take a hour or more. Until you get an email again from them which tell you that your account has recovered.
I tell you that my account has suspended for 4 times. And I made it back.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Donwload BBM for Android

Good time for you that using android phone. Now you can install Blackberry Messenger on phone. If you wanna try it, click link below.

Download BBM for Android

With this app you can make a chat and make a group. All that you need is just enter your Blackberry Id. But there is a problem for this app. This is the beta version. Not all Blackberry Id that allowed to use this app. So just try it and enjoy your lucky by download Blackberry Messenger For Android for free.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Spammers Love This Page

Spammers love this page, a lot.
Look at this.

I don't know why they often to made some same comments that I never publish for. Its never happen with another page. I think they love this page.

Could you explain me why it comes ?
And I really really sorry about you guys that your comments are not published here.
I just wondering some comments that related to the post. And make sure that you are read all the post first before writing your comment. Try to make a good comment to see yours in the future. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cosmetic Surgery in Philadelphia

Everyone wants to make their appearance looks good to make them more confidence. There are only 2 ways to make it, by natural or surgery. If you want to make your appearance looks better with natural way, you may need long time. It will so exhausting if you are not super patient person.

So, the best way to do is by surgery. I was met someone in view days ago, and I found him with a smelled shampoo in his head. He said he had some problem about hair loss, so he wants to recover his hair by smelled shampoo. I think its good, but you can’t make your hair back in short time.

Hair Transplant Philadelphia can help you. You can find them in internet. This is the best way to make your confidence back. And make sure you going to the professional trained.

Even for you a women that need to make your wrinkles skin become more fresh, you can choose Botox in Philadelphia. Its help you with the best way to built good skin. These treatments produce youthful results without the surgical incisions and downtime of facelift surgery. So it definitely secure for your health.

And one more the problem that most people have is fat. Many people in Philadelphia have bad fat because of their food, junk food. So it make them loss their confidence and also some healthy problems. You can use Liposuction in Philadelphia. With this therapy, all your fat will be sucked so you will have a ideal body. The safest and most effective.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Twitter Account is Suspended, What Should I do ?

A view days ago, I got suspended on my twitter account. And I can’t use it anymore. I was losing much followers that I had collected.
Actually I need that account to sell some stuffs. That was my first experience suspended by twitter. So, what should I do ?

1. You have to know the rules first. You can read it here. There are only 3 reasons why your account suspended, your account was hacked, compromised, or you break the rules. The most reason that I know is you break the rules by following too much people in one day. You should read their tolerance about following in their rules.

2. Don’t be worry. Because you still can appeal your account suspension to twitter by reporting to the support team. After they receive your report, your account will be recovered soon.
Tips : You should describe your sorry when you fill the reports to make twitter give their forgiveness

 3. If, your account recovered and you still break the rules for the second time, all you can do is nothing. Just say goodbye to your account because twitter will not recover any account in the second chances. This is what happened to my account. I can’t use it anymore, because I broke the rules for the second time by following too much.

 So, the point is : there are no second chances, and you have to respect their rules to make your twitter account live longer.