Monday, August 26, 2013

Probux (Update)

Weekly update ! Now my earning rising up. I got $8.00 in 7 days :) Wanna join, click here

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dapat Dollar Dari Klik Iklan

Ini cara dapat dollar paling mudah yang pernah saya ikuti dan GRATIS.
Namanya Probux. Probux adalah perusahaan advertising yang mempertemukan pengiklan (pemasang iklan) dan kita (selaku pengeklik iklan). Disini kita dibayar hanya untuk mengeklik iklan mereka. Dan dibayarnya pake dollar ! Dollar meeennn !
Ada sekitar 20-25 iklan yang bisa kita klik setiap harinya. Nilainya ada 2 macam. Ada yang $0.01 dan $0.005. Untuk mengklik semua iklan itu, kita hanya perlu waktu sekitar 10-15 menit sajo setiap hari. Hohoo
Oya, ini nih akun saya :

Nilai balance sebesar $7.6230 itu adalah penghasilan saya selama 7 hari. Berarti penghasilan perhari yang saya dapat sekitar $1. Dalam rupiah sekitar Rp.10.000 perhari. Lumayanlah bagi mahasiswa seperti saya untuk beli permen (satu kotak). Hehee.
Gimana caranya supaya bisa dollar dari Probux seperti saya ? Atau bahkan melebihi saya ? Karena saya ini juga masih baru mulai. Hehee.
Sudah banyak loh yang penghasilannya menembus angka $400 per bulan. Gile !
Itu ada tipsnya. Tapi tips itu gampang. Yang penting Anda daftar dulu. Klik Disini.
Ikutin aja petunjuknya.

Cara Ngeklik Iklannya ?
Setelah login, saatnya kita mulai mengumpulkan dollar. Caranya dengan ngeklik iklan-iklan yang ada di menu “View Ads” di atas halaman akun Anda.

Perlu diperhatikan : Untuk mendapatkan dollar, ketika Anda ngeklik, Anda harus menunggu sekitar 5-30 detik (tunggu loading) di iklan tersebut. 

Gimana ? Mudah bukan ? Hehee
Kalau ada yang mau ditanyakan atau mau tips untuk meningkatkan pendapatan di Probux, silahkan email saya di atau tweet saya di @KejarDollar. Saya akan dengan senang hati membantu Anda. Ayo sama-sama ngumpulin dollar !!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Indonesia's Indepedence Day

Today is the Big Day for Indonesia. 17 August is our Independence day. Keep moving my country ! Keep growing Indonesia !

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Buy Garcinia Cambogia at Amazon

Sometimes some people those have problem with their fat doing fault by consume wrong supplement or try to not eat anything in view days. Its not really help them anyway. Just suffer and maybe they just seeking another health problems. You have to be smart to choose supplement for your diet.

One of good supplement that I know is Garcinia Cambogia. This is an extract from small fruit like pumpkin that only grown in Asia. Garcinia Cambogia work as appetite suppressant and fat burner that support your health weight maintenance. This is really organic. So it doesn't have any side effect for us.

Where Can I Find Garcinia Cambogia ? You can find this at pharmacy near your house. But if you like to buy in internet, you also can find this at amazon. I saw big discount on there. Happy diet ! Happy shopping ! And don't forget to buy only the organic supplement for your health.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Personal Injury Lawyers

Life is not always fun. Sometimes God give us an accident to test our faith to Him. So, being prepared is the best way to face that. Some people choosing health insurance to cover them against major accident. But, often times people who get injured don't have it. So, they will have difficult way to get their compensation to recover their health.

For this condition, when we get injured and we don't have any health insurance, we can use the lawyer service that concern about this. Its called Personal Injury Lawyers. They are the lawyers who help people about injury to defend the victim's right, including the compensation from the responsible parts.
Many people in Los Angeles and other using this services, and almost of them got satisfaction about their work. Personal Injury Lawyers could be the alternative way to get health from injury without spending money every month to pay insurances.

You also can find this lawyers in internet. There are many kind of good lawyers site. But I give you some notices that a professional Personal Injury Lawyers is only paid a fee when they make you win. If they don't, you don't need to pay fee. Have a good day !

Monday, August 5, 2013

Hotel Supply Online

Halo my friends ! This time Blogputra wanna talk about hotel. Anybody have no experience to booked hotel ? I guest no. Almost all of us ever even once get sleep at hotel. A view years ago, 2 years I think, I was visited Jakarta in Indonesia. That was my first time to came into the capital of Indonesia, my country. As you know that Indonesia is consist of many islands. And I live at different island with Jakarta. It takes about 5 hours from my house by using plane to get into Jakarta. But, I don't want to tell about my visit.

Just like I said at first, I will tell about the hotel. In my visit to Jakarta, I rented hotel (I forget about the name) that very beautiful, elegant, and so comfort with high class service. But the most things that made me so impressed is their stuffs and furniture.
It takes my mind to thinking. How can they as the owner and developer hotel bought all those cool stuffs and furniture and made it very match with their hotel concept. I think I will become sick just about thinking how to provide that.

But, this I want to tell you the secret. They are (as developer) using Hotel Supply Online to help them to supply great stuffs and to make match with their hotel concept. So the developer just order it by internet, and then the stuffs will come directly into their hotel. This way also applied by Hotel Bar Suppliers.

One of that  hotel developer who using hotel supply online is Atlanta Hotel Supply. Now you know that making a good hotel with perfect stuffs and furniture is just easy like buying something in internet, right.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

How Probux Work [Simply]

Simply, Probux is the one of advertisement site that give a place to advertiser to add their ads. This ads will gonna clicked by us as the viewer. Probux give paid all of us whose clicking the advertiser ads.
As simply as that way, Today I've got $5.9 in my balance within 6 days by clicking their ads everyday.
If you wanna join this site, just click here. You can contact me to learn more about this site.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Optimize Your Search Engine Marketing

For the internet small business like me, I need some trick to get increase my SEO that will increase my profit too. Everyone can do this for their business, but I will tell you that it takes long time. Its really spend your great time to doing something important else. For me, I will thinking the effective way and also no need to take my time a lot. Are you agree with me ? You have to be.
You will say 'no' just only if you are the owner of big company which have billions dollar profit a month. But for the small businessman like me, I will say 'agree'. So there is the perfect way to get your search engine optimized, its called local search optimization company.