Thursday, September 12, 2013

Spammers Love This Page

Spammers love this page, a lot.
Look at this.

I don't know why they often to made some same comments that I never publish for. Its never happen with another page. I think they love this page.

Could you explain me why it comes ?
And I really really sorry about you guys that your comments are not published here.
I just wondering some comments that related to the post. And make sure that you are read all the post first before writing your comment. Try to make a good comment to see yours in the future. 


  1. Usuallu spammer come from search engine. Maybe your page of this blog, there are the first Saecr Engine Result Page (SERP) Google. They want to promote product or website in your page. They will get backlink if they give comment in your post.

    I don't also like if my blog get spam comment. Usually I delete the comment. Because of spame comment, it can decrease reputation of my blog in search engine.

    Nice share brother. This is good experience which can be gotten as learning in your blogging activity. Keep spirit anda nice post.


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